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For over 40 years, Castle’s has been a major resource for language learning in Switzerland. We have expertise that is much broader than that of most of our competitors: We offer language courses in Zug, Thalwil and Basel, as well as abroad in combination with a language stay. In doing so, we are guided by the highest standards of language teaching. Our experience gives us an advantage in advising those interested in language stays. For participants who so desire, a language study abroad can be booked in conjunction with on-site instruction to provide a seamless learning experience.

We are also proud to work with local companies large and small to provide language training to their employees.

«Meet the team»

Castle’s Team in Zug

Castles Sprachkurse Sprachschule, Heidi Lewis, Basel Thalwil Zug

Heidi Lewis

Executive Management
Castles Sprachkurse Sprachschule, Cederic Guldin, Basel Thalwil Zug

Cédéric Guldin

Executive Management
Castles Sprachkurse Sprachschule, Yvonne Speich, Basel Thalwil Zug

Yvonne Speich

Specialist Study abroad
Castles Sprachkurse Sprachschule, Jackie Oberthaler, Gruppen Sprachreise

Jackie Oberthaler

Specialist Study abroad for groups
Castles Sprachkurse Sprachschule, Nick Gibbons, Basel Thalwil Zug

Nick Gibbons

Castles Sprachkurse Sprachschule, Jean Gibbons, Basel Thalwil Zug

Jean Gibbons

Castles Sprachkurse Sprachschule, Josef Guldin, Basel Thalwil Zug

Josef Guldin


Castle’s Team in Thalwil

Castles Sprachkurse Sprachschule, Sherida Deeprose, Basel Thalwil Zug

Sherida Deeprose

Executive Management
Castles Sprachkurse Sprachschule, Vassiliki Pfeifer, Basel Thalwil Zug

Vassiliki Pfeifer


Castle’s Team in Basel

Castles Teammember 01 sprachen lernen Basel Thalwil Zug Englisch Französisch Deutsch Portugiesisch Italienisch Russisch Spanisch und Arabisch

Tony Orford

Executive Management

Language School with a vision

Castle’s – Language courses here and abroad

We offer our customers an optimal learning environment so that they can fully develop their skills and achieve the best possible progress. We strive for constant quality and improvement of our services.

Competent, motivated, interested

Qualified teaching staff, familiar with the latest styles and didactics for teaching foreign languages to adults. Classes at level B1 or above are taught by native speakers of the relevant language.


Shortly before the summer of 1979, Sebi Guldin had the idea to start an English school. He succeeded in inspiring Nick Gibbons with this idea as well. The two rented a couple of rooms at Zugerstrasse 11 in Baar. They put out a flyer and hoped that about 50 interested people would sign up. In the first semester, however, there were already 150 – many of them Sebi’s relatives and friends.

The school was initially called “English Institute”. The original plan was to call the school “English for Enjoyment”. However, the two soon realized that many Swiss people want to learn English primarily to be able to pass exams!

After one semester, the school moved to Dorfstrasse 34 in Baar, where it remained for the next 15 years. 25 years ago, it moved to its current location. Still: Our roots are in Baar – 5 of the 6 Baar municipal presidents have learned English at Castle’s during these last 40 years.

Why the name “Castle’s”? The naming is inspired by the English saying “My home is my castle”. Castle’s should be like a second home for its clients!

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